Michalina Kosakowska

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I am an ambitious and committed person who seeks new challenges and opportunities for growth. I started my adventure with computer graphics at 16. I am constantly continuing it. After school I started working in the largest marketing corporation in Poland. Being the youngest person in the team, I was quickly introduced to the company’s internal systems. I was quickly promoted to senior graphic designer. This experience allowed me to develop and taught me to be systematic. Currently Im a graphic designer in creative agency in Bydgoszcz. I am in charge of creating graphics for social media, designing key-visuals for clients, creating animations. Also I provide comprehensive service to TikTok clients. I am equally developing my photo-video business. Under the banner of Inconnection, I create video clips and photo reports for my clients. On weekends I study Business Design at Mertio WSB University. Whenever I can, I participate in training courses and Erasmus+ youth exchange programs. Through these activities, I feel that I am constantly developing and it makes me happy!

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jagiellońska, Bydgoszcz, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
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