Opportunity Description

The “Building Talent” project aims to respond to employment challenges by creating a scheme that will support young artists (aged 18 to 30 years old) to foster their professionalisation by enabling them to develop self-employment skills in the long term through educational frameworks.

Among the direct target group, the participation of young artists from marginalised groups or facing social and economic difficulties will be encouraged and favoured. The consortium will support the participants with custom-made seminars and workshops with field experts, museum professionals, artists, and gallery employees. Simultaneously, the experts will have the chance to be fully informed on today’s inequalities in the art world and ways to diversify their workforces.

The Building Talent programme offers a series of 5 workshops and 4 mentoring sessions of 1 day each per country (Belgium, Greece, Latvia) to support emerging artists in their professional development.

10 young artists will be selected for each country after reviewing the applications received, will benefit from a hands-on approach to developing their career, while the field professionals will learn more about the needs of artists to enter the creative industry, allowing a real understanding of both ends: from the employer’s and the job seeker’s points of view.

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